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Located on the eastern shore of Lake Washington, Medina has earned a reputation for one of the most desirable (and expensive) neighborhoods not only in Bellevue, but also in the nation.


While the area around downtown Bellevue blossomed and attracted residents in the mid-1800s, the Medina region remained unpopulated. It was mostly used for berry farms so bountiful that a strawberry festival was held in the city every year. The first permanent settler in Medina itself came in the 1880s, and soon mansions and even a small business district were built. When the Lake Washington Ship Canal project dropped the water level by nine feet in 1917, lakefront residents found themselves with new beach property, earning Medina the nickname “the golden coast.” The sentiment pretty much extends to the whole neighborhood.

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Who Lives Here?

Urban Power Families - High-income couples with children.
Six-figure salaried couples with children who live an upscale life in a metro center. Highly educated professionals working in finance, medical, and high-tech fields.
Power Singles - High-income urban singles.
Highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees. They draw a handsome salary and have reasonable living expenses while living a hip, upscale life in an urban center.
Corporate Climbers - High-income, high-expense urban singles.
Urban singles with an up-and-coming income, but with higher-than-average living costs. Most have college educations and are employed in mid-management professions.
Suburban Retirees - Seniors over 65 who live in the suburbs.
These seniors are living out their retirement years in suburbia. Most own their homes, and some have college degrees.
High $$ DINKs - Urban high-income couples with no children.
Middle-age Dual Income No Kids couples living in the city and making very comfortable combined household incomes. Most own their own homes and are highly educated professionals, many with advanced degrees.
Median Household Income $133,756
Owners/Renters 92%/8%
Median Age 39
Single Males 7%
Single Females 6%
Homes With Kids 38%
Household Size 2.7
Commute Time 21 min


Simply put, Medina is picturesque and slow-paced. It’s located to the west of downtown Bellevue, which is close enough to take advantage of all of its amenities, yet far enough away that you get that great neighborhood feel. Businesses like Wells Medina Nursery keep landscaping pristine, and the Medina Grocery store near the beach provides a great place to pick up picnic supplies. The whole hillside slopes in such a way that views of Lake Washington and beyond are bountiful, and several parks are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood to best enjoy its beauty. And, even though residents may not be stoked about the changes being made to the 520 bridge, they can’t complain about the ease at which they can travel to different destinations around the Seattle area.

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