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Redmond is the ‘tech capital’ of Washington State. People from all over the world come to live right here to work at Microsoft’s “campus” or just to enjoy the parks, growing town center, and suburban lifestyle.


The first two homesteaders in the area were Luke McRedmond and Warren Perrigo, who both cleared land and began working toward their own goals. Perrigo built a large house that was used to board people scouting for their own land. McRedmond began work on making a village center. Originally, the town was named Salmonburg after the native fish, then became known as Melrose (the name of Perrigo’s inn), and finally McRedmond, who became postmaster (and was maybe a little self-important), selected the name that eventually stuck. Perrigo wasn’t too pleased, of course, but no one else seemed to care and life went on as usual. Redmond saw its big boom in the 1980s, when Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to move Microsoft’s offices out of Bellevue and into more spacious Redmond. That move finally put Redmond on the map, and it is now an internationally recognized name.

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Who Lives Here?

Affluent Immigrants - High-income immigrants living in suburban areas.
Ranging in age from mid-30s to early 60s, these highly educated immigrants earn high salaries. A high proportion are homeowners.
Most Eligible - High-income singles living in the 'burbs.
These pre-middle-age to middle-age singles have college educations and bring in high incomes. Some own their homes.
Affluent DINKs - High-income, kid-free couples living in the suburbs.
Middle-age Dual Income No Kids couple bringing in two attractive incomes. Most are highly educated and are employed in management professions. A high proportion are homeowners.
Country Clubbers - Wealthy married couples with children.
These affluent families live a very comfortable life in the suburbs. More than 20% have a family income over $125,000. Most have earned a college or graduate school degree, and most own their homes.
Suburban Climbers - Younger suburban singles.
Aspiring singles climbing the corporate ladder and calling the suburbs home. Age ranges from mid-20s to mid-40s. Most rent their homes.
Median Household Income $66,735
Owners/Renters 55%/45%
Median Age 35
Single Males 16%
Single Females 12%
Homes With Kids 28%
Household Size 2.3
Commute Time 23 min


Redmond has become quite the trendy place to live. Most residents earn a high income and own their homes or condos. And since Microsoft recruits the best of the best, many people who live here are highly educated professionals from all over the world. This gives Redmond an interesting vibe that mixes its historic, small-town roots with a global and diverse modern culture.

 Activities and Attractions

The hub of the city is definitely the Redmond Town Center, which embodies all of the values that Redmond as a whole holds dear: community events, gathering spaces, kid-friendly shops and activities, and high quality goods. For example, you can partake in game night at Uncle’s Games, when they stay open late on Friday nights so families and friends can gather to play games and socialize. Or bring the kids for events like Reading with Rover, where kids can practice reading aloud to therapy dogs and their trainers, or various holiday events like trick-or-treating and visits with Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. There is still plenty to do outside the town center. We recommend a visit to the Black Raven Brewery. Here, you can sample their brews in a tasting room and order pizza from nearby Flying Saucer Pizza. You can also check out Blazing Bagels for “the best bagel east of New York.” Yes, east. That covers a lot of territory! For a hint of historic Redmond combined with new-age food, hit up The Stone House. Situated in the original home of one of Redmond’s first settlers, this place serves up delicacies like truffle mac and cheese and chicken, pear, and brie paninis. Finally, be entertained at places like Big Picture, where you can watch a movie in a recliner while having drinks brought to you at the time of your choosing. You’ll also love Marymoor Park and their endless activities, concerts, movies, and festivals.

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